Why 5 Percent Remains a Glass Ceiling for Female CEOs


While preparing for the todays assignment I was reading the business newspaper Bloomberg in order to find a qualitative analysis of a trending topic. I decided to visually present the article “Why 5% remains a glass ceiling for female CEOs”. The reason for choosing this topic is because I was genuinely surprised by the fact that only 5% of Fortune 500 companies had female CEOs. I did know that more CEOs are man, but because I of my previous experiences working in a company where both the CEO and CFO were female, I assumed that many companies had a diversified management team nowdays. I created in PowerPoint a picture of a business woman with for bubbles around her, filled with the most relevant parts of the article. With this picture I tried to illustrate a business woman speaking about the 4 most common stepstones for women becoming CEOs.  In addition to that I also created illustration of quantitative data supporting the picture above.



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