Building Empathy

Mario Adamcevic                                             Capture1

fitness addict, traveling the world and looking for inspiration, food and meme lover, since recently also a blogger, finishing grad school and embarking on professional life



I don’t panic ( its a combination of calm attitude and laziness to react); often do things last minutes
ability not to sleep for long when needed, on the other hand when on vacation I can sleep all the time
risk taker; improviser; don’t analyse in detail; usually everything turns out to be fine

truck Basic Demographics Capture2
Male, 25 year old, student,


Fitness, Water polo, drinking, classic romans, endless debates with friends about capitalism, welfare, cultural differences, business models


Fun facts: Cartoon lover, (anime , si-fi) 

Dreams:  when asked what would I do with 1mn$ I still don´t know the answer. I will be either start a company or chill by the sea.

Passions: I love/I hate Love – sports, burgers, dogs, coffee, sea, summer, long walks with good company

Hate –  machinal and repetitive things, waiting, obnoxious people, unlucky situations that happen to 1 out of 1000 people (and it happens to me regularly )


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