Visualizing Ideas & Data – Journey Mapping

About Ben:Capture2

25 years old, young professional, graduated 2 years ago, works in a bank in Zagreb, Croatia. Loves sport, goes regularly to the gym and plays basketball. Interested in politics, sports (especially soccer) and is looking for some fun as a distraction from everyday work life.


– Idea spark

·        what was actually happening at this point: during a coffee break, Ben and his colleague Vlado discussed an article they were reading this morning. The article was describing the best vacation locations in Europe. After looking at the pictures they commented that it would be a cool idea to go on vacation together and visit some of the mentioned destinations.

·        what or who was the primary influencer – the online article about the best vacation locations is for sure one of the main influencing factors, since the nice holiday pictures evoked the wish to travel and already narrowed down the possibilities to 10 destination they recommended the most. Furthermore, Bens work colleague Vlado can be regarded as the second biggest influencer, since he seemed to be very hyped about the idea and for many days reminded Ben what a great time they will have.

·        what was their emotional response or sentiment at the point – they were very excited and happy. One of the reasons is that their everyday working life was not very interesting, and they had something they could look forward to. Secondly, none of them went abroad for vacation before and being able to choose from all these famous destinations was very exciting for them.

– Deciding who would come and/or handling inviting people on the trip

·        what was actually happening at this point – the next day they had to decide else they should invite. Both agreed that a group of 5 seemed optimal, because if they decided to rent a car, they would not be able to fit more then 5 people in it. But what they found out, is that most of their friends were in a relationship and already had some plans for the summer.

·        what or who was the primary influencer – Again Vlado can be regarded as the main influencer, since he was often short tempered and hat a clear opinion on who he likes and who he hates. On the other hand, Ben is chilled person and he get along very well with everybody. After some initial difficulties they found 2 other friends that loved the idea, however they did not find a fifth person.

·        what was their emotional response – Ben was a bit disappointed by the fact that they couldn’t find 5 people for the trip. They were also negatively surprised by how much time it took them to convince the other two guys to join, and that some friends, that they were sure would join, had other plans already.


– Deciding on what is their goal for the vacation

·        what was actually happening at this point – since they had a diverse group of two young professionals and two students, they had different interests they had to take in consideration. Some of the guys insisted that they had to go to a  place where they could take it easy at the beach, one guy wanted active holidays, most of them agreed it should be a party place and it should not be expensive.

·        what or who was the primary influencer – Vlado was the only person that had a car, which they would probably need if they want to save money. In addition, Vlado is an extrovert person and has to share his opinion on everything.

·        what was their emotional response – while Ben was happy to hear that a lot of the goals the other guys said, were also his goals e.g. party, he was worried whether he can find a place that will make everybody happy.


– Deciding on the exact location

·        what was actually happening at this point – it was a very intense afternoon where the 4 guys were bringing up their requirements regarding meals, excursions, free time and were looking for the best option to combine all. The final options were Greece, Malta, Spain, Portugal.

·        what or who was the primary influencer – The primary influencer was limited budget of one of the members, which was around 900€.

·        what was their emotional response – At the end of the days, the group decided for Greece and surprisingly everybody was in a good mood. Greece was affordable, hat plenty of beautiful beaches and outside activities. Furthermore, Greece was also reachable by car, which reduced the costs for 100€ compared to other transportation options, and everybody was happy about that.


– Post trip

·        what was actually happening at this point – reflection of the trip showed that Ben was overall happy with the vacation but regrets that he did not have enough outdoor activities.

·        what or who was the primary influencer – while looking at the pictures taken by him and his friends on Instagram, he tends forget the negative aspects and remember the positive.

·        what was their emotional response – the memories and pictures taken evoke a very positive feeling for Ben.


Learnings: one of the major learnings for me was the fact that besides classical advertisements as commercials, also other, more subtle, channels had a great influence on Bens experience. Although he ha was disappointed that he couldn’t do outdoor activities as volleyball and was annoyed by the number of teenagers at their resort, when he looked at the photos posted by him and his friends on Instagram, he forgets all the negative parts of trip.